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Alfresco Consultant / Developer Wanted UK

Question asked by our-fresco on Aug 7, 2015
I work for a medium sized company in the UK who are looking for an Alfresco consultant to come in and give our Alfresco setup a health check. About 6 months ago I installed Alfresco Community 5.0 for the IT department only,  there is now a lot of interest from the whole business to start using the software. Before this happens I would like to get an Alfresco expert to perform a health checked, fix some bugs and give some advice on maintenance and performance.

Details of the work to be done and our current environment are listed below. If you think you are the man/woman/company for the job, please message me so we can discuss further…  

Work to be completed / Bugs

Section/Item -          Description    
Alfresco health check -        Review logs / Configuration/ maintenance       
Postgres health check -       Review logs / Configuration/ maintenance       
LDAP authentication -       Configure additional LDAP server for authentication        
Single sign on      -       Configure SSO so users do not have to log in        
CIF mapped drives -       Configure CIF drives to use user permissions       
Document preview -       MS Office Documents will not preview, pdf's work fine. Issue with Libreoffice       
MS office/ Google docs -       Integrate to allow online editing       
Doc delete -          Intermittently cannot delete documents        
Time out    -       Increase duration before users are timed out        
Intermittent emails -       Invitation emails not sending, but activity emails do        
Backup and resilience  -       Review and advise        
Documentation        -    Create documentation of Alfresco configuration

Details current of environment/ current config
3 virtual servers - Alfresco 5.0 / postgres / content store - All running windows 2008
SSL enabled
LDAP authentication configured