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Remotely Created Tasks

Question asked by markres on Aug 7, 2015
We are using Alfresco for a pilot project and have a requirement to capture alerts from an external system. It seems that as the end users are using Alfresco as the primary interface that the alerts be displayed within the dashboard. I am new to Alfresco and wondered if this was possible with the integrated task manager or perhaps some other plugin.

Are there any examples that show a remote java application creating and assigning tasks to a user within the Alfresco task manager. I am looking for working code. The aim is that the task is created and can then be marked by the assigned user with the relevant states.

The remote application must communicate using a remote Java client and use the Alfresco web-services to create the task.

Alternatively, are there any plugins which allow me to record a log entry which has some state associated and can be driven by web-services.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.