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Workflow does not seem to start following official tutorial

Question asked by theseus on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by theseus
Dear all,

I'm trying to follow the guide found in (really great by the way :-)). I have created myself an Alfresco Maven SDK environment beforehand as my Alfresco server is another machine and I would like to test new workflows before messing it up (I followed the tutorial found at:

All seems to work fine until I try my "helloWorld" workfolw in the Workflow console. Here is the output:

use definition activiti$helloWorld:1:104

definition: activiti$helloWorld:1:104 , name: Hello World , version: 1
workflow: None
path: None

From the tutorial, I should be able to see an output from the javascript that was added to the bpmn.
I coulnd't see anything and I changed the to this:

But I still don't see anything.

I'm new to all this but my guess is that the "
workflow: None
" is a killer :-)

I don't have Alfresco installed on my development machine as it is written in the maven SDK tutorial: "You don't need to download anything else. Seriously. Not even Alfresco." :-)

Does anyone have an idea?