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Add actions to Alfresco in the cloud

Question asked by jamilnour on Aug 17, 2015

Our add-on solution is working well on Alfresco Community and Alfresco One.

We have a new opportunity where we need to use the add-on on a Multi-tenancy environment. On an on-premise installation the Multi-tenancy is working fine but our business model needs to use the cloud collaboration which means the cloud-style multi-tenancy.

Can somebody help me to know:

- Is cloud-style multi-tenancy will be added to the Alfresco on-premise?
- Is it possible to have an Alfresco in the cloud version to develop/test our add-on solution on it?
- Is Alfresco on Amazon AWS can be customized to add our add-ons?

Any help to answer these questions will be appreciated

Best regards