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Solr indexing stops

Question asked by rjohnson on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by nlbsingapore
I have some issue with solr indexing which manifests itself with there being no commits to the main index (the archive one continues OK).

Whe you look at the solr stats you can see documents contantly being added but the commit count never goes up.

It seems to be connected with the index on a certain folder which is clearly present in a site when you look at the document library in Share but is not found by a lucene search. It has been found for over a year but it now isn't.

If you run a FIX on solr and then restart tomcat it has started indexing again properly but if you update the folder name (to try and get the search to find it) the commits just dry up.

Run a FIX and then restart and the indexing seems to be committing again.

I get no errors in any logs, just a steadily climbing added document count in the solr admin forms but no commits.

It looks like Alfresco calls its own commits every "batch" so I am guessing that for whatever reason something fails and so commits stop.

Is there anything I can turn on to try and debug this issue?

Can I safely turn on autocommit in the solr configuration? Would that help?