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Alfresco deployment / Remote low bandwidth.

Question asked by johnstone on Aug 18, 2015
I am starting a CMS project for a small (ca. 100 users) company and looking at the Enterprise version as we will require support and some customisation of workflows etc.

One of the major issues to be solved is that we will need to offer the CMS to remote locations with limited bandwidth (i.e. a central “office” Alfresco server where most of the creation/activity will take place and several remote satellite locations with 256k-512K) – primarily read-only. The contents will be static with small changes/modifications to documents. Most documents will be small <100K). In addition, will require SSO etc.

I have searched this forum and the general web to try to understand before I include Alresco as a possible solution to the customer –

1. Is this possible?
2. What high level synchronisation of content Alfresco Enterprise has as “standard” and
3. if I will need to acquire an additional “licence” for each of these remote sites.

Perhaps I am asking google the wrong questions?

Many thanks if someone could point me in the right direction?