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Unexpected error in the SMTP handler thread

Question asked by sscbrian on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by sscbrian
After setting up and using Inbound SMTP for awhile, I've noticed we're collecting a lot of errors in the log (below).  Appears to be the same issue as and referenced as "fixed" in back in 4.2.5.  I'm using 5.0.a.  Possible regression, or am I somehow configuring something so wrong that it can fail?

I've also pulled the community repo and looked at the code.  Not seeing any obvious way an NPE can even happen in that method with the current community tree, so perhaps it is just a regression that's now been fixed and I just need to upgrade to 5.0.d to solve?

ERROR [org.subethamail.smtp.server.Session] [org.subethamail.smtp.server.Session-/] Unexpected error in the SMTP handler thread
   at org.subethamail.smtp.command.MailCommand.execute(
   at org.subethamail.smtp.server.RequireTLSCommandWrapper.execute(
   at org.subethamail.smtp.server.CommandHandler.handleCommand(
   at org.subethamail.smtp.server.Session.runCommandLoop(