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Alfresco community optimal infrastructure

Question asked by pprevill on Aug 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by mrogers
Hello Community,

I represent a Canadian non-profit regroupment of hospitals. Since IT Budget is very low we are looking for a very low cost solution to help the organisation by being more efficient.

We did a prototype of Alfresco community 5 and it running extremely well.

We installed it using required LAMP infrastrucutre and we integrated it with our LDAP authentication service for single sign-on.

Since the prototype went very well, we are looking to extend the experience and make it available to more user.

My question is : Is there any updated documentation (release 4+) that can help us to make a good planification of the infrastructure required for a number of concurent user ? If there is no documentation on it is it possible to have anyone internal documentation on how many servers / cpu / core they have for a number of concurent users ?

We already read the information on those sites :
the information was good but it is really old….
The information is updated but does not respond to our question.

We are looking for a non High availity setup for community edition for 300 to 500 concurents users.
Not business crital
50-100 document creation / Days
Lot of users but very low activity by users

Thank you very much for you help, 

Any advice, recommandation will be very welcome !