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Create Accordion within task form

Question asked by musiccoding on Aug 25, 2015

I have been trying to get an accordion working within my task form in a workflow. When you select the heading it shows the editable fields available and then hides them when they collapse the heading.
I have an accordion working where it shows the value of a field but I cannot get one working to showing multiple editable fields.

I have been doing this using both a ftl file and javascript file. The ftl file sets the template for the entire set on a content model and the javascript is done using a constraint handler within the content model.
I am unsure how how to go about this?

I currently have a ftl file which shows the header I wish to be 'clickable' however I am unsure now how to get the fields to show once I select the header.

Any help would be helpful.

I am currently using Alfresco version 5.
Thank you