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Solr and search problem

Question asked by knightrider on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by knightrider
I'm having a problem with the solr indexes on a custom data type i added. Until now, I was using a custom content model with a custom type extending the defautlt "cm:content" type. I was able to upload documents and search them using the REST API (slingshot/search).
Now, i need to add another custom type to my custom model to handle another type of documents. I added this new type in my custom model, I successfully uploaded documents of that new type with metadatas (i checked the metadatas were properly assigned with a REST request). But I'm not able to find results when I try to search documents with slingshot/search
I thought I could a problem with solr, so I decided to rebuild the indexes.
And i still have that same problem.
Is there a way to debug a resquest made using slingshot/search ? Or resquest made to solr ? or check if a document is indexed using his noderef ?

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