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Add new items & update existing items in data lists 'by script'

Question asked by maggiehellstrom on Aug 28, 2015

my research group has Alfresco Community 5.0d (on a CentOS system), and would like to start working with data lists on our collaboration site. Up to now, we have only been creating and updating lists manually via the share interface, but as the amount of information increases, this is proving tedious. We would therefore like to use a script-based solution, preferably one which involves "simple" http-based requests that we can submit via curl.

Looking into the available web scripts that come with the Alfresco system, I found the packages "/org/alfresco/slingshot/datalists" and "/org/alfresco/slingshot/datalists/actions" - but the scripts here do not seem to offer any possibility either to create a new item (although it is possible to duplicate an existing one) or to edit/update an existing one.

This seems a bit strange to me, since the manual interface offers the possibilities to both add a new item, duplicate an existing one, and delete items, so why is one of these options missing via slingshot? (First I thought you could pass new data values to the duplication script, but that doesn't seem to work - or have I misunderstood this?)

Then, looking through the other available documentation, I found a reference in the Alfresco CMIS wiki ( to the possibility to use CMIS instead for performing CRUD operations also on data lists and their contents. This looked very promising, but unfortunately the scripts and paths mentioned in this wiki are no longer OK (as pointed out elsewhere in this Forum), as they refer to version 3.

I've tried to further read up on applicable methods in the book by Bergljung ("Alfreco CMIS"), but didn't become any wiser, as the examples given there (on modifying e.g. files or objects like Aspects and Tags) didn't seem applicable on the data lists and their items…

Is there some newer documentation, preferably a tutorial or similar with examples, that can help me understand how to deal specifically with data lists?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or hints!