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Hard Drive Full - Disk Usage Solutions Not Working

Question asked by scottcarson on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2015 by rjohnson
Hello everyone,


Background: I understand file cleanup goes as follows:
- file gets deleted -> goes to trashcan (aka labelled as deleted in DB but still present in contentstore)
- trashcan gets emptied -> goes to contentstore.deleted at 4AM (aka DB marks files as orphaned, then moves them to contentstore.deleted at 4AM)
- delete contentstore.deleted directory -> file completely gone and space freed up.

I've got a situation where the user ran wild with their files, filling up the 4TB drive. I checked and they had never emptied their trash can, so that was the first step. I also saw that contentstore.deleted was exactly 100GB, so I removed it. The user emptied their trash, I waited overnight, and contentstore.deleted is only 1.3GB, although the user insists they deleted 500GB of files. Am I missing something? Does Alfresco's contentstore.deleted directory have a limit of 100G? Does it take numerous iterations of waiting for contentstore.deleted to fill?

Any input is greatly appreciated,