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Creating a site dashboard

Question asked by akusei on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2015 by akusei
I've created a web-script module extension and have verified that it works correctly. What it does is takes the dashboard.xml and related page.component-X-Y.type~id~dashboard.xml files from one site, deletes all dashboard related files on another site then copies the source files to the new site that had them deleted.


var siteDashboard = getDashboard("site1-shortname");
var siteDashboard = renameShortNames("site1-shortname", "short2-shortname");

createDashboard("site2-shortname", siteDashboard);

renameShortNames just renames the site id inside the dashboard files to the new site's id.

This all works, I've tested and verified it. My problem is that when I go to it shows me the new dashboard layout from site1-shortname which is the correct behavior but when I go to the actual site's dashboard within Alfresco share it shows the old site2-shortname dashboard. The only way I can get the new dashboard to show is by restarting the Alfresco/Tomcat service. I've even tried looking at the dashboard with a different browser just in case it was a local caching issue but it's not.

Any ideas on how to make the dashboards refresh to the new layout without having to restart the Alfresco/Tomcat service every time?