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Search content only in 'cross-language' mode

Question asked by castgroupteam on Sep 9, 2015
Hi, I'm using an Alfresco 5.0.d CE

I've the following need: be able to search inside the "content" using only the less-tokenized, no-stemmed, cross-language field "text___", that for the content is "content@s___t@{}content:" ( Lucene syntax )

From what i've understood of how searches are made by alfresco on the SOLR4 side, when in FTS I specify "TEXT:mytest" this is expanded, always, on the LuceneField as "content@s___t@ + content@s__lt@",
Alfresco always try to find result on the localized and not localized field.
My problem is that on the localized field the value is stemmed ( Italian Stemmed), so the search return more values becouse of the stemmed value that i don't want, i want to search only in the non-localized field

Is this possible ?