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Cost of Alfresco in the Cloud?

Question asked by tybion on Sep 12, 2015
I have been forwarded an email that was sent by explaining that from Nov 30th 2015 there will no longer be a free Alfresco cloud service.  I am now trying to investigate options for the committee that are currently using Alfresco in the cloud.

Some of the email ..

'While the free version of the Alfresco in the cloud offering is no longer available, we still offer the following products to continue taking advantage of Alfresco’s simple, smart and secure repository.

1. Alfresco in the Cloud is a subscription based version for companies looking at a pure SaaS ECM solution. If you are interested in continuing to use Alfresco in the Cloud please contact sales to understand how you can upgrade to a paid subscription account.

2. Alfresco One Platform …

3. Alfresco Community Edition …'

I have followed the link in point 1. and want the price of the 2 options ..

Standard subscription – 50 users and 25GB storage.
Enterprise subscription- 500 users and 1TB storage.

.. but I get an automated email from the email address of someone who no longer works for Alfresco.

Can't Alfresco simply post their software-as-a-service cloud prices on their web-site?  (similarly to AWS)

(If all of the infrastructure for the cloud service is in the USA, then shouldn't the price (in $US) be the same for all customers - so this makes it easy - or if there are multiple cloud infrastructures - then quote a price for each - like AWS does)