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How is jsf dialog selected?

Question asked by fungi on Sep 14, 2015
I am working with Alfresco 4.2.3 in the explorer UI.

I am seeing a bug in a custom workflow task. More specifically when attempting to delete a resource from the Resource panel the wrong dialog config is selected and the resource/doc is not deleted.

The Dialog Config looks like so:

             <!– Definition of the delete content dialog –>
         <dialog name="deleteFile" page="/jsp/dialog/delete.jsp" managed-bean="DeleteContentDialog"
                 icon="/images/icons/delete_large.gif" title-id="delete_file"
                 description-id="delete_file_info" />
         <dialog name="deleteFileAssoc" page="/jsp/dialog/delete.jsp" managed-bean="DeleteContentAssociationDialog"
                 icon="/images/icons/delete_large.gif" title-id="delete_file"
                 description-id="delete_file_assoc_info" />

The delete.jsp is as follows:

    <h:outputText value="#{DialogManager.bean.confirmMessage}" styleClass="mainSubTitle" />

From debugging DialogManager.setCurrentDialog(DialogConfig config) I can see the DialogConfig is not correct. The deleteFileAssoc config is selected when it should select the deleteFile config.
I do not understand how the dialog config is selected. Please, JSF pros could explain how the DialogConfig is selected?

Note: Here is the Alfresco Wiki on the Dialog Framework. It got me this far now i'm stuck.