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Workflow attachments not showing

Question asked by fstnboy on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by fstnboy
Hi all,

I'm playing with Alfresco Workdesk and Alfresco Activiti integration. I've enabled and deployed the master and document/record plugins, all seems to be working smoothly.

My only issue so far is that if I start a workflow from Alfresco (either manually or by script), I cannot see the attachments in Workdesk, I can perfectly see the attachments in Alfresco. I'm using the admin user all the time, so I ruled out the permission issue.

If I start the workflow from Workdesk, I can see the attachments. I noticed that instead of using Alfresco's BPM properties, it uses OW_ATTACHMENTS. Is there any specific configuration I need to do for the attachments?

I'm using Alfresco v4.2.0(r63893-b12) and Workdesk