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Timeout Solr search

Question asked by streetturtle on Sep 24, 2015
I'm trying to timeout Solr if it takes too long to run a query.

<b>What I've tried:</b>

According to Solr documentation there is timeAllowed parameter which does exactly what I'm looking for, I've tried to

- add <int name="timeAllowed">500</int> to requestHadnler in solrConfig.xml;
- add timeAllowed parameter to request URL:

but it doesn't work (time to load results is more than provided value).

<b>Why I want to do this</b>: we implemented access right validation on Solr side and now for some vague queries like * it takes to much time for Solr to respond.

Probably it could be possible to close such connections from Alfresco or from web container but then such queries will internally run on Solr slowing down the server.