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passthru with 2 different domains works every other time

Question asked by gnyce on Sep 25, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by gnyce
According to I can have two different domains with two different domain-controllers doing the authentication (for CIFS).  So let's say I have:


If I then test CIFS authentication, with an account in WINDOM.COM, it is successful every other time (and every other time, it fails).

  smbclient // -UWINDOM.COM\\user1

In this instance, "user1" does not exist in the SMBDOM… which is ok, I'm specifying WINDOM.COM.  And yet, the auth request for "user1" works every other time - as if Alfresco is merely bouncing between the two servers for authentication.

Is anyone else using two different domains with success?  NOTE: my need is temporary but possible long-term, as we move from an older Windows AD to a Samba4 AD implementation.  Both work individually, but when you combine them, as you are seemingly allowed to do, I get these results.