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Digicert certificates installation

Question asked by rmarques1991 on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by rmarques1991

Our company has been using Alfresco with self signed certificates for a couple of years and now we acquired TERENA certificates with Digicert root.

How do we go around installing them? I have already updated the ssl.keystore in ALFRESCO-HOME/keystore directory and I did nothing to the ssl.truststore in the same directory as I think that is only used for Solr.

Now, the certificate seems to be correctly integrated with tomcat because it is now recognized as signed by a proper registered CA, but the search tags in the repository cannot be loaded.

I think there is a problem with Alfresco - Solr authentication.

One more thing: I have renamed ssl.repo.client.keystore and ssl.repo.client.truststore wherever they appeared to make them irrelevant to the installation, restarted alfresco and the tags could still be retrieved, so these are not being used for anything.

Any help?