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Removing user join request workflow entries

Question asked by valerion on Oct 2, 2015
Alfresco: 5.0.d (upgraded from 4.2.c) running on Linux using MySQL.  I will still do a migration to PostgreSQL.

I have taken over management of an Alfresco system that has not been properly maintained for a while.  I have most of the user issues resolved, except for one. users have been making requests to join a specific site, which creates a workflow ticket for the Managers of the site.  However, the Managers would simply ignore that, so several of these requests are many years old.  This causes some users to be unable to be invited into a site by the relevant Managers.

So far I have been thinking of purging these events from the DB, or alternatively to become Manager on each site and manually reject all the requests one by one.  The DB route feels a little risky, and the other is VERY time consuming.

Are there any easier ways to achieve this?