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Disable Activiti Workflow

Question asked by augustodelucena on Oct 3, 2015

Context: I don't wan't users to create workflows at the beginning of my alfresco production environment.

Action taken:I deactivated the 'Tasks' header button and I decided to deactivate activiti workflow to prevent them to create it using directly URL.

Results:The first complication I noticed was the fact that I cannot send invitation to sites, it gives me the following error on alfresco.log

None of the Workflow engines supported by teh InvitationService are currently enabled

Question:Is there another way to disable the workflow or is there a workaround to reactivate site invitation not using activiti workflow? I wouldn't care if the user could be directly/forced added to a site. My only requirement is the possibility to send e-mails to users, which I think is not linked to workflow.

Thanks in advance.