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Confused on setting up analytics in 5.0.d

Question asked by sscbrian on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2015 by afaust
I'm seeing that 5.0.d is supposed to have analytics capabilities, but I'm confused about configuring it.

I watched a video about it that said I need to install Pentaho.  However, I read web pages that said Pentaho is built-in now.  Do I need to install Pentaho?  If so, does it need be on the same server as my Alfresco instance or can I put it on another server?

One of my end users did find a couple of built-in analytics dashlets that he was able to add to his site (just as one of the blog posts about it suggested).  However, I don't see those myself (even as admin).  I've tried adding myself to the analytics admin and user groups (which I had to create because they didn't already exist), but that doesn't appear to actually do anything.  What's the current way to do this configuration?