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Share logs out frequently

Question asked by alfresco_one on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by sscbrian
Hi All,

We have two alfresco instances and two share instances all are on different servers and load balanced.

When we logs in to share (https://loadbalancedurl:8080/share) it logs out frequently and ask for username and password in a popup (doesn't work when entered properly). Then we need to press cancel and it takes to login page of share. Again we need to add username and password and it logs in. It happens many times.

When I checked the JSESSIONID using Firefox, I noticed the JSESSIONID remains same even after re-login (In case of auto log out). Even if we login with different user the JSESSIONID remain same. It means the session was not invalidated when it logs out user.

This problem comes also with individual url and load balanced url too.

If we logs out manually then the JSESSIONID is different after new login. (This works fine)

Alfresco Version 5
The session timeout is more than 20 minutes but it logs out randomly.