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Questions About Hiding For Consumer

Question asked by qoitecover on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by qoitecover

I'm a fresh newer for Alfresco.And I have been trying using this system until now I have encountered some troubles that may not be complex for most of you:

Those problems I have uploaded screenshot below for each for more clear statement!

1. How to Hide or Disable the selection:Start WorkFlow ?("启动工作流程"displayed in my screenshot–problem 1)

2. How to Hide or Disable the Create Button and Upload Button in the directory of "Shared Files" when the User is not the Administrator?

Finally I really want to learn about the selection of "Manage Aspects"  I just couldn't understand that,and some another things etc.Where shall I start?

Waiting for your replies!

Best Regards
A diligent Chinese Boy