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Alfresco folders structure problem with millions of documents

Question asked by spilby on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by spilby
Goor evening!

Currently we have, with Alfresco 4.1.6, nearly two million documents distributed in folders that are structured as follows:

Repository: /User Homes/APP/*

Where * is a 10-digit numeric code, and are approximately 3000 folders. (Each code represents a user).

The user folders makes the tree of folders like he wants, but each can have thousands and thousands of documents, getting to have a folder tree with more than 200 directories in one of its branches.

The problem we have is that the access is slower growing, to the point that if I try to navigate with the Alfresco share when it's looking at the contents of /User Homes/APP, after several minutes just giving an error and don't shows the elements.

But not only that, our java application that navigate and create folders using the Java API, is more slow month by month, reaching some searching timeouts. We invoke Java methods like find childrens or lucene queries and it takes too long to respond.

If this is a folder structure problem… I have a question. Is it right to hang folders from User Homes? Would it be more efficient for example create a different Site for every 3000 users? Or would be the same and try to search or display the sites continue hanging? Any ideas of a different main structure?

Thank you!