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Bad Lucene index distribution among segments

Question asked by rivarola on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by afaust

On a server with a bit more than 1 million documents, I have noticed this bad Lucene index segments distribution:

09:00:00,440 DEBUG []
Entry List
1         Name=cb6b6534-1162-403c-acea-59b5d9c55dba Type=INDEX Status=COMMITTED Docs=2445933 Deletions=0
2         Name=e9b269b1-2206-448d-b98d-b52e45093000 Type=INDEX Status=COMMITTED Docs=13284 Deletions=0
3         Name=16aa5e8a-f42f-413b-b01f-30b22e77f29f Type=INDEX Status=COMMITTED Docs=4199 Deletions=0
4         Name=784c8097-1758-4d1f-8815-4ed84623781d Type=INDEX Status=COMMITTED Docs=2688 Deletions=0
5         Name=ee0adccf-247a-4a9c-85c9-a43386bb7a5a Type=INDEX Status=COMMITTED Docs=321 Deletions=0
6         Name=657e4ccb-b69f-4525-95c4-388bfb7a920e Type=INDEX Status=COMMITTED Docs=64 Deletions=0
7         Name=b3e937ca-c0d6-43ea-af39-a0f7ca88a6bf Type=INDEX Status=COMMITTED Docs=27 Deletions=0
8         Name=bc0f647b-0e3f-4bfd-a487-6d47062ff42a Type=INDEX Status=COMMITTED Docs=12 Deletions=0
9         Name=514d7c32-93eb-4035-852d-e685f68a608a Type=DELTA Status=ACTIVE Docs=0 Deletions=0

I use Alfresco 4.2-b and the configuration in is :

### Lucene indexing ###

It is not good at all. On another server, with the same index configuration and comparable number of documents, I get a far better segments distribution.
How can I force Lucene to optimize its index without making a full reindex?