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Transactional Cache full

Question asked by marc4sure on Oct 14, 2015
Hi all,
I write to ask for feedback about an issue that I'm having in the stdout log file, regarding the transactional cache, that Alfresco warns telling that is full.
The exact message is:

WARN  [org.alfresco.authenticationTransactionalCache] [ajp-apr-8009-exec-8] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.authenticationTransactionalCache' is full (100).

As I have seen, this error appears after a conversion to obtain a thumbnail that also reports an error:
"09090088 Failed to perform ImageMagick transformation"

I don't know, if the cache error is related with the content transformation error. The content transformation error is being produced when a word document with inserted objects inside is uploaded into the library.

I'd like to know if there is a solution for this, with some configuration that allows to modify the limits of the cache.
Currently, this is not a stopping issue, but I'm afraid that it could be in the future (I don't know).
I've read in the forum that it is possible to change cache sizes, but the cases are related to versions 4.x or 3.x, that isn't my case (5.0.d), and tell about editing xx-cache*.xml files, that I don't find anywhere in the Alfresco configuration locations (and nowhere).Also I saw that the cache limit in this cases are much higher than in my case, which is 100.
I attach the stdout log for reference and extra research.
The Alfresco is installed on a virtual machine (Bitnami package) with Windows Server 2012. Java version is 7.
Thank you in advance.