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Work with more than one workspace

Question asked by spilby on Oct 15, 2015
Sorry but I can't find documentation about this… If I want to use more than one workspace in Alfresco, how can I specify the workspace to use?

For example, to access a node, I use an url like this:


If I have various workspaces (A and B)… How can I difference one from another with this url?

And on the code side… when I use Alfresco API Java operations, I authenticate with user and password (with getAuthenticationService().authenticate method). And do something like, for example, a query to search a node (TYPE:"{mymodel}exp" AND PATH:"/app:company_home/app:user_homes/cm:mydir"). My question is the same… Where can I specify one or other workspace to search in A or B?

Thanks a lot.