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add some properties to loaded documents

Question asked by sergeyzaytsev on Oct 15, 2015
Hi! I've got the following problem I don't know how to solve….

I have my custom start form with my custom field set. After I attached a doc ( through standard attach control ), I can see list of attached Items ( docs ) under the attach button which is a pretty standard behaviour. But what I demand from Alfresco is something different - I need this list to be sort of grid with columns representing fields from a form.

For Example:
for with 3 fields: weather temperature; my mood; currency rate. After attaching a document, I would like to see it in a table with the following columns: document name; weather temperature; my mood; currency rate. Columns must have entered values at the moment of attaching document.

Can I do this programmatically ( Java ) in some sort of listeners or not ? And whats more important - how )) . Whether I need to create an Aspect and apply it to every loaded document ( sort of apply a rule ) or there is another way ? How all this stuff relates  to the form's model ? Maybe it is possible to smth like connect my form's model to attached document ?

I really understand that my question in essence deeper and harder than it seems.

Thank you very much for you time ( for reading and answering )!