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Claim pooled task with Alfresco Rest API - (4.1.10)

Question asked by thinush on Oct 19, 2015

I am using Alfresco 4.1.10 Enterprise.

I am trying to claim a pooled task but am unable to find the correct rest api to perform the claim with.

So far I have found these options:
PUT to

But I am unsure if this is correct, I cannot find any documentation explaining whether the owner can be updated.
I am using the ticket for the user that wants to claim the task, but could use the administrator to perform the action if needed.

Another option I have seen is api/enterprise/tasks/{taskId}/action/claim
which seems to be an activity api, which I am unsure as how the url should be referenced, as http://server:port/alfresco/service/api… does not work.

Can anybody please advise with any information on how I would be able to claim a task.
It would be very useful if it used the Alfresco JSON api, buy anything that would be compatible with my server would be appreciated.

Thank you.