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XHR completion seems to break publishPayloadItemMixin in Aikau page

Question asked by byoung_co on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by byoung_co
I have a situation in which I want to configure an action on a list item containing multiple fields.  That action is to edit the fields in a popup dialog, and I want the dialog pre-populated with the original field values.  I also want the list to refresh after the update.

I can confirm that the update is being pushed to the repository.

Before I configured the XHR completion to get the list refreshed after the update to the repository, I could get the values populated in the dialog after setting publishPayloadItemMixin:true.  After configuring the XHR completion, the dialog is no longer populated with the values.

Has anyone else run across this, or are there any suggestions for what I might try to address this situation?