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HOW TO:Set a custom Login Page

Question asked by qoitecover on Oct 20, 2015
Hi ,Everyone

I am confused about where to start a custom Login Page.

I mainly want to know if I need to get down the source code to code it or any other smart ways?

Here's my purpose:

I'd like to let my users to log in Alfresco with their phone or E-mail.I 'm required to design a new page with two buttons of that two

logos which link to the "phone" login page and "E-mail" login page.

login with phone:
     users login with their phone number.Once they input their phone number to the input box and confirm,their phone will receive messages of their password.

login with E-mail :
     users login with their E-mail adrress.Once they input their E-mail to the input box and confirm,their E-mail will receive E-mails of their password.