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Full Time Alfresco Administrator/Developer Position, US

Question asked by shanewolf on Oct 20, 2015
We have a full time Alfresco administrator/developer position available in Hampton, VA.  This is an in-person, on-site requirement.  U.S. citizenship is required and the selected applicant will undergo a federal background check.

A draft (incomplete) job description is below:

The incumbent oversees the daily operations of an Alfresco One 4.2.2 implementation used for collaboration with and the storage of research data.  The approximately 500 users interface with the system through Share using external authentication.  A brand specific Share theme is in place as well as an extensive set of additional Share customizations and feature additions (mostly webscripts).  Further, several bespoke Alfresco Repository (Java) subsystems have also been written and/or modified for features that could not be implemented solely through Share customization.

Additionally, the incumbent is expected to regularly interface with stakeholders and assess their user experience and any additional functionality requirements they may have.  The incumbent will assess the feasibility of additional requirements, provide a development plan where applicable, develop, test, deploy and document additional features.  Further, the incumbent is expected to update the Alfresco software and all site specific customizations and feature additions on a schedule as determined by the incumbent and the stakeholders.

The incumbent will routinely write documentation for both administrative and user training purposes.  The incumbent is expected to review and resolve trouble tickets and user help requests as well as conduct user training and workshops.

The applicant must have expertise in the administration and development of both the Alfresco and Share tiers and the programming languages inherent with each.  The applicant must be familiar with the procedures and processes for upgrading the Alfresco software.

Please send questions and resumes to Pete Kucera,