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share-header - changing the value of Sites and Tasks

Question asked by bengrah on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by bengrah
Hi there,

I've been following the Alfresco blog on how to make customisations (link: that has worked for removing certain share-header menu items that I don't need, and for renaming certain share-header strings as well. So for example, I've changed the string 'Repository' to 'Shared Folders' as that fits our business need.

This works with no issue. However, in the same properties file I've changed the value of 'Sites' to 'Projects', but this value has not changed.

I've got everything working correctly, I've got file called mh-header-extension.xml in alfresco/site-data/extensions:

      <id>MH menu</id>

I've got a webscripts directory in <i>alfresco/site-webscripts/mh/share-header</i> which matches my xml config. In this area I've got <i>share-header.get.js</i> which contains the following:

widgetUtils.deleteObjectFromArray(model.jsonModel, "id", "HEADER_MY_FILES");
widgetUtils.deleteObjectFromArray(model.jsonModel, "id", "HEADER_SHARED_FILES");
widgetUtils.deleteObjectFromArray(model.jsonModel, "id", "HEADER_TASKS");

And in the same <i>share-header</i> folder, I've got another file <i></i> which contains the following text changes:

user.dashboard={0} Dashboard Folders Tools Manager Tasks I've Started

page.navigation.more.label=More users configuration options

edit_site_details.label=Edit Project Details
customize_dashboard.label=Customize Dashboard
customize_site.label=Customize Project
leave_site.label=Leave Project
join_site.label=Join Project
join_site_moderated.label=Request to Join
become_site_manager.label=Become Project Manager

set_status.label=Set Status
my_profile.label=My Profile
change_password.label=Change Password

header.advanced=Go to Advanced Search
header.backlink=Back to {0} Project
header.results=Back to Results

I jar up the folders from the <i>alfresco</i> level and add to <i>webapps/share/WEB-INF/lib</i>, restart Share and redeploy the module via http://localhost:8180/share/page/modules/deploy, then refresh my Share webpage, I can see the share-header strings change, 'Repository' becomes 'Shared Folders' etc. But 'Sites' does not change to 'Projects'

Can someone help me understand why that's that is the case?