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Doubt about project structure in Intellij

Question asked by jlabuelo on Oct 23, 2015
Hi all

We are creating a new custom configuration in Alfresco 4.2.e and as we have moved now to Intellij we would like to start working with this IDE. We have followed several tutorias that explains how to configure the Intellij project folder structure to create a new AMP file, and seems to work fine for model configurations, or for xml configurations like web-client-config-custom … and so on. But when we try to add customizations that involve Java code, it seens that when we create the amp and apply it to the war, they are not being taken in consideration.

For example, we just have introduced an img file in the file to make sure Alfresco is using our customizations, but nothing is reflected when the amp to war deploy is made.

I dont know if the folder structure we have created for the project is the right one. Could you please take a look to this screenshot and let me know if our Intellij project structure is the right one?

Any other advice will be really appreciated

Thanks a lot