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Custom changes not being reflected in Java files

Question asked by jlabuelo on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by afaust
hi there

Lets see if someone can give me a hand here please.

We are trying to customize the Alfresco Explorer in version 4.2 using Alfresco Maven SDK 1.1. We have built the project over Eclipse and seems to go ok, however when we try to make a single change in the java files, seems that nothing is happening. For example we just added a new image in the file and it is not shown when the amp or war are created.

as I said we are using maven with architype "Alfresco AMP" as it is shown in the image. When I run "mvn integration-test -Pamp-to-war" the project is built fine and no error is shown however no change appears in the image, seems that the changes that I apply in the Java files are not taken into consideration.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong please? If you have any guide or linke to show how to customize the java files in 4.2 I will really appreciate it

I am following the instructions shown in here:

Thanks a lot in advanec