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5.1.c - AddUnmovableAspectToSitesPatch not working on tenants

Question asked by slibert on Nov 1, 2015
Hello All,

This is my third attempt to migrate from 4.2.f to Community 5.x
I just tried recently released last version (5.1.c), but still facing same issue.
Most of the migration goes without any issue until it comes to AddUmovableAspectToSitesPatch. Then alfresco is filling logs with an WARN exception saying it cannot apply this patch (enclosed exception shows a InvalidNodeRefException: Node does not exist).
I get one exception for each site in each tenant, … yes I said tenant, and I suspect this is because of tenants because, after migration, none of my tenants sites has this aspect applied, but the demo swdp site in the main repository has it.

Any similar experience out there ?