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SOLR4 - only index part of file, other questions

Question asked by bengrah on Nov 2, 2015
I've got some questions on SOLR.

1. It's possible to turn off full content indexing for all files - but is it possible to still have full content indexing on, but only index part of the file? e.g. the first couple pages of a Word document?
2. Is it possible to keep full content indexing on, but only do it for certain document types? So the only nodes that get the full content indexing are Word and Excel documents?
3. Is it possible to have a combination of the above (partial full content indexing on only Word and Excel spreadsheets)?
4. In SOLR4 you can activate config that instead issues a search request against the database, rather than indexes - how do we turn this feature on?

Could someone also point me to where these configs are if applicable?