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Search by effectivity date

Question asked by joseph on Nov 3, 2015
Our requirement is to use Advanced Search to find effective documents given a date or a date range. All searchable documents have Effectivity aspect applied, which gives them "Effective From" and "Effective To" dates.
I have created an Advanced Search form which includes "Effective From" and "Effective To" dates, but documents can only be found if these dates are known beforehand or if the user inputs a date range for each date.
Let "Effective From date" =  dateFrom and "Effective To date" = dateEn; A and B the extremes of an interval [A, B]. There are six possible cases:
1. dateFrom <= dateEnd <= A
2. dateFrom <= A <= dateEnd <= B
3. A <= dateFrom <= dateEnd <= B
4. A <= dateFrom <= B <= dateEnd
5. B <= dateFrom <= dateEnd
6. dateFrom <= A <= B <= dateEnd

By our requirement, a document is effective if it meets cases 2 or 3 or 4 or 6.
Please, I need some ideas about how and where to extend Alfresco to solve this problem.