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Alfresco connector error

Question asked by pat9rv3sousa on Nov 4, 2015
I'm trying to do a connector to get a file. I receive the path of the file by args like :
 var filePath = args["file"] 

If I print this, I get the path correctly. But in the connector I have:

var connector = remote.connect("alfresco");
result = connector.get(args["file"])

and if I made this, this not recognise the path, the status is Error 500. I print the path and I paste like:

result = connector.get("/slingshot/node/content/workspace/SpacesStore/f32afa20-4c73-4e6c-84e4-1c12d5964a95/txt.txt")

… But obvious, I want by args because I want for all the files.

What is my error? This is so strange for me.