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Does 'cmis:write' contain 'cmis:read'?

Question asked by pascalvh on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by pascalvh

I am writing a java client that uses Chemistry to talk to an Alfresco 5 Community server.

The client needs to get all principals that have the right to read a given cmis object. To get the ACL I use the following method call:

Acl acl =  session.getAcl(cmisObject, true);

So I only get basic CMIS Permissions and the alfresco specific permissions get mapped to them, what makes things quite easy.

But I am wondering if the "cmis:write" permission contains the "cmis:read" permission in a alfreso repository.

The book "CMIS and Apache Chemistry in action" says on page 348:
<cite>In almost all repositories, the cmis:write permission contains the cmis:read permission.</cite>

What is it like in an alfresco repository?