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Upgrading 4.2.f to 5.1 Solr1/Solr4

Question asked by eswbitto on Nov 9, 2015
Hello Everyone,

I'm currently planning on upgrading from 4.2.f CE to 5.1 and I'm hitting a road block on how to implement this.

Currently my setup is that I have 4.2.f installed on centos 7 and I've created a mount point for our SAN that has the Alf_Data folder in it. This contains solr1.

This is separate from the installation files and I've just modified it so that the install points to the this data location.

When upgrading my approach is to install 5.1 next to 4.2.f and point the alf_data location to the same mount point. However solr4 won't be installed in the same location. How do I go about changing that so that I can use solr4?