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Question asked by pat9rv3sousa on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by pat9rv3sousa
I've created a new page that I call on the action button of the Alfresco in all files. So, I need this page on the "myfiles", "shared files" and "repository" tabs of alfresco. So, I put all URLs below on xml.


    <shortname>My New Page</shortname>

When I have this page only on "repository" I have only one URL on the XML below, and then, I make a GET request on the javascript client-side that requests hdp/ws/my-new-page, that gives to us the template (header and footer) to the page. However, with the other URLs like /context/shared/ and /context/mime/, if I try to get the page with hdp/ws/my-new-page,e.g,

not works, gives the error 500.

Only if I get hdp/ws/my-new-page without the /context/mime/ and /context/shared/ is that I get the page and with template (header and footer). So, I remove hdp/ws/, to get the page in all tabs, but I want to have the template. How can I add the header and footer? Or another way to get the URL with hdp/ws/ with the other URLs ?

EDIT: I edit all the question because now I have the same problem but in a different situation…