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installing javascript console for alfresco 5.0

Question asked by redraccoon on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by ecarbenay


I'm on Alfresco 5.0 SDK 2.1.1 and I downloaded the jsconsole on ""

I succeded to install via the "manuel technique" (the one in the bottom of the previous link) and also via "goal method" from this website =>

For my job i need to also succed in "dependency" method

I did the mvn install and the dependencies in both amp : repo and share

picture of the org.shareextras repository =>

<!–            <version>0.6.0</version>  –>   // my version seem to be 1.0, not 0.6.0


I also changed the maven war plugin wich I found in my "effective POM", so I added him in my "pom.xml" only for my pom.xml in repo, my pom.xml in the sare already had a plugin section


   <pluginManagement> //build management helped me to avoid a warning about overinding versions


I tried a lot of different things, synthax but in dependency method I never succed to just find the module

picture of my logs =>

Thanks in advance if you know something