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Community Edition 201510

Question asked by resplin Employee on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by resplin
Though still labeled an EA (Early Access), last month's release of Alfresco Community Edition has lots of fixes and improvements over the previous stable release of Alfresco 5.0.d. It has been downloaded hundreds of times, and we have seen no critical issue reports. Multiple people have told me that they have it in production and it runs well.

Now would be a good time to upgrade from 5.0.d. The 201510 release contains Alfresco Platform 5.1.c and Alfresco Share 5.1.c. The next release of Community Edition will be less stable, as we roll in a batch of new features.

Get it here:

Background on our new approach to Community Edition releases is here:

We wondered if we should call it a GA (Generally Available) release. The GA label is supposed to indicate a few things:
* We are confident that the product is at least as reliable as the previous GA / stable release.
* The documentation, translations, and other items are ready.
* We are testing upgrades from the GA Community Edition to GA Enterprise Edition.

This release appears to improve on 5.0.d, so it meets the first criteria. We are tempted to call it GA and make it the default download. But we are hesitant until we get the documentation and rest of the localization done. Also, Records Management doesn't yet support 5.1. Finally, we won't be testing upgrades to Enterprise Edition 5.1 until the final features are ready.

Maybe we should introduce an LA (Limited Availability) label for these sorts of situations, and make it the default download? What do you think?