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Does anyone use RM 'Lists of Values' or 'Supplemental Markings'?

Question asked by resplin on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by rwetherall
Supplemental Markings can be used to implement a security clearance type of functionality, and Lists of Values are used to manage the list of Supplemental Markings and Transfer Locations. The small amount of documentation about these features are here:

We aren't very happy with how these features are implemented. We want to make it more obvious how to manage Transfer Locations, and we want to take an entirely different approach to managing security clearance markups. Our new implementation of security clearances will be a proprietary solution tailored at specific national requirements.

The Alfresco Records Management module will continue to be the free open source core upon which we build these proprietary solutions, in the same way that Enterprise Edition is derived from Community Edition. We want the Community Records Management module to continue to be useful in the scenarios where we already know it is being used. I don't know of anyone using this feature, which is why it seems reasonable for us to rethink the implementation.

Are you using this feature?
What is your use case?
How would it impact you if we removed this functionality?
Would you be willing to help maintain it as an open source module?
What extension points would you need us to implement for you to build your own solution?

I look forward to your feedback.