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How to add multiple AMP mosule to alfresco-sdk?

Question asked by on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by redraccoon

I am new to alfresco-sdk. I am used to have old style AMP modules and then run ant script to combine them into alfresco WAR file.

I have followed tutorials of alfresco-sdk for

   1) alfresco all in one
   2) alfresco AMP
   3) alfresco share

archetypes and it ran successfully.

I could not figure out if I have three different AMP modules, how can I combine them in one?

Say for example, currently I following AMP modules in my repo -

   1) alfresco-DEF-AMP
   2) alfresco-generic-AMP
   3) alresco-ABC-AMP

What should I do such that when I give amp-to-war command, it takes customization from above three modules and puts then into alfresco WAR.

It would be good if you share some examples.