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Workflow send mail does not work in LIVE environment, but in mvn based ad hoc environment

Question asked by fwtag on Nov 13, 2015
Hi there,

I did set up an activiti based workflow with custom mail notifications. Here comes the code snippet (contains some invalidated stuff):

// send notification
var mail = actions.create("mail"); =;
mail.parameters.subject = "Prüfung";
mail.parameters.from = "111 | DMS <>";
mail.parameters.template = companyhome.childByNamePath("app:dictionary/app:email_templates/cm:workflownotification/cm:invite-email_de.html.ftl");
mail.parameters.text = "Eine neue Aufgabe liegt vor.";

var templateArgs = new Array();
templateArgs['workflowPooled'] = true;
templateArgs['workflowTitle'] = "title";
templateArgs['workflowDueDate'] = "-";
if( typeof bpm_workflowDueDate != 'undefined' )
   templateArgs['workflowDueDate'] = bpm_workflowDueDate;
templateArgs['workflowPriority'] = "normal";
if( typeof bpm_workflowPriority != 'undefined' )
   templateArgs['workflowPriority'] = bpm_workflowPriority;
templateArgs['workflowDescription'] = "Prüfung";
templateArgs['workflowId'] = "activiti$";

var templateModel = new Array();
templateModel['args'] = templateArgs;
mail.parameters.template_model = templateModel;


I use a mvn environment to test everything locally and here, the mails are sent and delivered.

When I deploy the package to our live environment, the workflow is executed properly, but the mails are NOT sent or not delivered.

<li>other mail of the system are delivered, even notifications sent by system workflows (liek ad hoc task);
<li>there are no error messages in the log files, esp. in catalina.out, nor anything reported related to the mail;
<li>spam logs do not show anything.

I don't know what I am doing wrong actually. Is there any kind of configuration which is missing? The SMTP setup seems to be proper, since other mails get delivered.

Any help appreciated. Thank you!