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Eclipse Activiti Designer 2.0 and Alfresco 5.0.d

Question asked by alec12 on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by imrulhasan
Hi everyone,
I'm currently following different directions in order to try and create a custom workflow in Alfresco 5.0.d.
The latest try was done using the Eclipse tool Activiti Designer 2.0 that automatically generates the xml files to put in the extension and web-extension folders.

After creating my custom workflow files and putting them in the proper directories, the custom workflow shows up properly in the workflow list in Alfresco and is also normally started. However when the process comes to a review step, and specifically when the last needed user has to select "Approve" or "Reject" an error occurs:
org.alfresco.scripts.ScriptsException: 10160013 Failed to execute supplied script: unterminated string literal (AlfrescoSJ#6)

The error comes up every time a review step is about to end and pass to the next step, for example if 2 approvals out of 3 users are needed to make an hiring go through, it would block on the second approval or on the second reject.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
thanks in advance.